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“Asphalt” is a dark brown to black, highly viscous, hydrocarbon produced from petroleum distillation residue. This distillation can occur naturally, resulting in asphalt lakes, or occur in a petroleum refinery using crude oil.


Five Compelling Reasons to Choose Asphalt

1. Asphalt cures faster, so you can start using it sooner. A few hours is all it takes for asphalt to be safe to walk on, compared to a few days for concrete. If conditions are favorable, it should even be safe to drive on by the next day! The more time an outdoor surface requires to cure, the greater the risk for damage from children, animals, or vehicles—so quick drying is a great benefit. 

2. Asphalt is easier to maintain, and out-performs concrete in cold weather. Its greater elasticity grants it more freedom to expand and contract in cold or warm weather, so fewer cracks appear. Any cracks that do appear are easily filled in and blended with the rest of the surface.

3. Asphalt is better for the environment. It can be recycled indefinitely, as it keeps its durability through endless cycles of being dug up, ground down, and repaved. Over 73 million tons of asphalt are recycled each year. Asphalt pavement is the most recycled product in America - more than newspaper, aluminum cans or glass.

4.  Paving a driveway, or parking pad will allow for more accessibility especially if you have family and friends that are elderly, use a wheelchair or cane. Gravel and dirt roads can be a hazard and inconvenient.